I knew this title would grab your attention but it IS relevant, honest. Next year will see our 25th wedding anniversary and we have been pondering, with our children, where we might go for a special holiday break to celebrate. The thing is that our kids are now 12 and 16 and they’re looking for something a bit different these days and we’d like to go somewhere we’ve never been before. We’ve considered New York before but for some reason (mainly expense and timing), we’ve never managed to get there. Well, now the time seems right. It will be decent weather in April hopefully and if we plan this now, we might even be able to save up for a five day break between now and then. So I’m feeling very excited today and I keep bursting into song as I wander around the house, all Sinatra like, well as much as I can given that I’m female 😉

So how is this relevant to my writing I hear you cry? As you may know, my first novel is provisionally titled ‘From Here to Nashville’ and during the story, the two main characters, Rachel and Jackson, spend a few days in – you guessed it – New York! A trip to the city will therefore allow me to do proper research like a proper writer! Woohoo! I am really looking forward to going and we’re all buzzing with the things we want to do whilst we’re there. The only problem might be fitting them all in, oh and the fact that one daughter is vegan and the other would like to live on burgers but apart from that, we should be fine!

Otherwise, I have had a great NaNo week, keeping up with my daily word count and I feel quite pleased with the progress of my second story so far. My brain has also been constantly referring to my ‘Nashville’ story, putting right some of the plot problems I need to sort out in December when NaNo is over. I am also quite impressed with my own self-discipline today, writing this blog post so early in the day because I was inspired to do so and it feels good that this has become such an important part of my writing routine. I now feel warmed up to write my NaNo words for today and all before lunch-time too! I might have to go and have a lie-down after that.

Let me know how your NaNo week has gone or connect with me as a buddy. My user name is wood_beez48.


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  1. My novel is set in Lourdes, France and I went there a year ago to follow in my protagonist’s footsteps. It was really weird telling my husband ‘it’s here that she collapses and…’ Obviously he’s used to it and ignores me most of the time. Still, I felt a really weird sensation as I ‘saw’ my characters in their real setting…
    Enjoy NY!

    • Yes, it will be a bit surreal, I think but so exciting as well. My husband sounds very similar to yours 😉 Hope I get to Nashville as well some day 🙂

  2. My husband enjoys my ‘research trips’ as it usually involves lots of wandering, and sitting at cafes with me drinking coffee, scribbling, and gazing into nowhere, while he drinks beer. SD

    • It feels really exciting to be going on a ‘research trip’ of sorts, although I’m not sure how my family will react to me wanting to take notes etc whilst being on holiday but just being there will probably be enough. My husband came home with the ‘Time Out’ guide to New York this week too so I think that means it’s really happening!

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