10 thoughts on “How to Set Up a Newsletter Sign Up form with MailChimp

  1. I’ve been pondering a newsletter, it was one of those things my publisher encouraged; however, I’ve yet to get started on it. Thanks for the “know how.” I’ll definitely be back to put it to use.


  2. You are putting me to shame and seem to be getting on so well with publicity. I’m learning lots from you. I’m going to file this article so that I can refer to it again. I think it will be very useful.


    • I’m so grateful for all you do to help me so if this helps you a little bit, I’m glad 🙂 I hope it works when you try it out but give me a shout if it doesn’t. Thank you for reading every week and for taking the time to comment and to share xx


  3. It’s so good of you to share this information Julie. I’ve read a few marketing books that encourage you to put a mailing list opt-in on your WordPress blog but none of them explain how to do it so this is really useful. I’ll definitely be giving this a try once I clear my client workload. 🙂


    • I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂 I’m no expert by any means but I found Mailchimp worked quite well. I’m not totally sure about the ‘Follow this Blog’ button but I think it just gives you the addresses which you can then import to something like Mailchimp. You don’t get the same flexibility with a free WordPress site as you do with something paid.


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