The-key-to-good-decisionAt long last, my friends, the moment has come – I have finished my final edits. It has taken me five weeks to do everything which was longer than I’d planned for but I needed that time to get my head round it all. Today was the day I had originally booked to send ‘From Here to Nashville’ to the proofreader but I postponed this as soon as I saw the extent of the final edits. I now have a new date for the end of January.

In between time, I’m sending my book off to my beta readers for one last read through. I am very lucky that I have two beta readers who are writers as well and not only that, I am proud to call them my friends. I have come to know both these people online and one of them even read my book in its very early form so her dedication to my little book is even more humbling. I am extremely grateful to them both for the final read they’re going to give my book.

I am also going to give ‘From Here to Nashville’ one last read through to check how well it reads after all the edits I have done over the last month or so. Although I have uploaded my second book to my Kindle before, I wanted this upload to be as correct as I could make it in terms of formatting. As some of you will remember, I write in Scrivener and I hope to format my book myself when publication day finally rolls round. Well, this is obviously going to take some time to get right as I spent most of yesterday afternoon exporting copies to my desktop, only to find that when I looked at them using the Kindle Previewer facility, something was wrong. I persevered though, reading lots of articles on the internet along the way, and finally, I managed to get close to what I was looking for. It was also the first time I had uploaded my actual cover with it and it was a great feeling to see that.

I hope to get my beta readers’ comments back by the end of the year and to spend January inputting their comments and mine before sending the book off to the proofreader. This will take a couple of weeks and then I will have the proofreader’s comments to deal with which would leave me looking at the middle or possibly the end of February as my publication date. I am still having to be fairly flexible about this though because so much could change between now and then. Once it goes to the proofreader though, I can feel fairly confident about the date of publication day.

I am considering a number of other issues at the moment. The biggest one is whether to aim for a paperback of ‘From Here to Nashville’ at the same time as I plan to publish the ebook. If I do want to do this, I have to consider whether to go with Amazon’s CreateSpace or whether to go with someone else, like Ingram Spark who seem to be the front runner otherwise. This will also involve having to make a decision about ISBNs, which I must have for a paperback but don’t need for an ebook. In the UK, ISBNs are purchased from a company called Nielsen at a price of £132 for a block of ten numbers minimum. They take ten days to come through so I need to think ahead on that one. In addition to this, paperbacks have to be typeset which will take me some more time to master!

I am also considering what to do in terms of marketing. It is so interesting to see what other authors choose to do in the run up to their publication day. For example, I want to do a cover reveal of course but I’m still not sure how long in advance to do this. I was thinking of doing it when I send my book off to the proofreader which could be three to four weeks before publication. Is that enough of a lead time or too much? Now that Amazon have the pre-order facility, I am wondering when to do that as well. Decisions, decisions…Apparently, there is a real condition known as decision fatigue – I can vouch for this!

As you can see then, there is no rest for the wicked 😉 My journey continues. Tune in next week to see whether I managed to make any more decisions 🙂 Thanks for reading as always and please do leave any comments or suggestions below.


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  1. Oh Julie, there is so much to think about and do. Sounds like you could have a good case of fatigue, not just decision fatigue. But how exciting to having your book so close to publication. Congratulations!

  2. I don’t think you need worry too much about the exact time for the cover reveal – as long as you get it out a lot! And do some blog posts about the topics it contains, that’s the best way to get people to see it.
    I’ve never done paperbacks but lots of people I know say that they hardly sell any, only to friends, and a few at book signings. Maybe do the paperback once the book is out? The reason I haven’t done any is partly because I haven’t got round to it, it has to be said; a couple of mine I would love to see done this way! (ps, if you’re ever getting a few people together to get 10 ISBNs, I may say yes!).
    What I do with my proofreader is get her to send me a copy with the track changes and a copy without. To be honest, I don’t investigate every change as most of mine are missing or duplicated words, and missing full stops and speech marks. She gets in touch with me during if there is anything she thinks she ought to consult me about before altering. I just read through the final copy again and see if I want to change anything.

    • Thanks for all those points, Terry. I will do my best to get the cover out a lot, including in some of my blog posts. As you say, I could do a blog post about it when I do the reveal.
      I think I probably will concentrate on the ebook first and do the paperback shortly after, as you suggest. In fact, I just watched a short video by Joanna Penn, recommended to me on Twitter today and she says to do this because there will inevitably be a few teething troubles with the ebook so best to iron these out first.
      I know paperbacks are expensive but I would like to have a physical copy for posterity and some readers still prefer them, as do libraries, book groups, bloggers, friends, family etc.
      I hope that my final proof will be pretty clean too so this last stage should be quick as you say.
      Thanks for reading any giving me the benefit of your experience once again 🙂

  3. I used Createspace and as I recall I was offered an ISNB by Amazon. The only reason I wanted a paperback was for my grandchildren to each have a copy, otherwise I only sold a very very few. The price is off putting.
    You are really working so hard to make the right decisions. Surely it should all pay off in the end. Looking forward to reading it. X

    • Yes, I saw that CreateSpace include an ISBN but there are disadvantages to this in that they become the publisher then and that ISBN can only be used on Amazon platforms. That is all I’m going to do at first because that’s more than enough for me to learn! But it could be important in the future. I think I will probably bite the bullet and buy my own.
      I really do hope it will all come together in the end! Thanks for your support, as always 🙂

  4. Wow, sounds like you’ve had your plate full these past few weeks. I’m also in the editing trenches at the moment, and boy, is it tough. I’m wishing you all the best with sending your work out to betas and everything that comes afterwards! XO
    Julz Arimah

    • Thanks, Julz. I like that expression ‘editing trenches’! It really is like that. I just read your post about it and I can feel your pain. I have been in that position too and it really does feel never-ending but here I am, nearly two years down the line from when I started writing my first draft and I have just done my final edits. I must have done at least six versions of it since then though, if not more 🙁
      Anyway, this is the final beta round and then I’m almost there. It can be done! Thanks for your good wishes and for reading and commenting. Good luck with your writing too 🙂

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