light-67324_640I’m afraid I am unable to host any new authors for the time being. Hopefully, this is only a temporary situation. I will update this page as soon as anything changes. In the meantime, please enjoy reading posts from previous authors who have been in the spotlight.

July 2018


Sandra Danby – Connectedness
Karen Ankers – The Crossing Place
Susanna Bavin – The Deserter’s Daughter
Karen King – The Cornish Hotel by the Sea
Helen Pollard – Summer at The Little French Guesthouse
Marie Laval – The Dream Catcher
Jackie Ladbury – Air Guitar and Caviar
Abbey MacMunn – Touched
Ros Rendle – Flowers of Flanders
Kate Field – The Magic of Ramblings
Mary Grand – Free to Be Tegan
Zeba Clarke – Dream Guy
David J Robertson – Dognapped
Julia Wild – Moon Shadow
Jenny Harper – Between Friends
Sharon Booth – A Kiss from a Rose
Alys West – Beltane
Jannette Spann – Right Time for Love
Elise Abram – Revenant
Margaret K. Johnson – Taming Tom Jones
Sam Russell – A Bed of Barley Straw
Anne Goodwin – Sugar and Snails
Heidi Swain – The Cherry Tree Café
Clare Lydon – This London Love
Michael Cairns – Thirteen Roses
Kate Foster – Winell Road
Jennifer Young – Looking for Charlotte
Helen Pollard – Holding Back
E. L. Wicker – Fractured Immortal
Emma Davies – Letting in Light


11 comments on “Author Spotlight”

  1. I would love to appear on your site. I’ve released my second novel with a small publisher and I need all the help I can get. Can you let me know when you start taking request again?

    • Hi Jannette, Thanks for reading today and for leaving a comment 🙂 I’ll send you an email and we’ll take it from there. Best wishes.

    • Thanks for getting in touch, David. I do have space in April so I’ll send you an email and we can go from there 🙂

    • Hello, Jenny, thanks for getting in touch. I’ll send you an email and we can certainly talk about both things! Best wishes, Julie.

  2. Hi, I can see you are very busy! My book ‘Free to Be Tegan’ has been out for a year now. It is about recovering from cult upbringing. it is partly based on my own experience and a lot of research.i would be happy to do an interview or whatever would suit. Thank you Mary Grand .

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