From dark tales to light comedy, from romance to tragedy, this compelling collection contains 12 short stories that will appeal whatever you’re in the mood for. The stories are all of differing lengths, equally good for reading when you have a spare moment or for when you have time to spare. Why not indulge yourself now?

The Hustle – will a pair of tricksters pull off their latest hustle?
Middle Eight – a country singer finds inspiration in the unlikeliest place.
A Random Act of Kindness – a homeless man is treated kindly at Christmas.
The Eye of the Beholder – a man is rejected by his girlfriend but all is not lost.
The Intruder – who is wreaking havoc in the local cat community?
The Letter – after her mother’s death, a daughter finds out a secret.
A Brief Moment of Respite – a young woman escapes her claustrophobic life just for a moment.
Consumed – a woman obsessed with her online life comes to regret it.
Strangers – after living too long in an abusive relationship, a woman finally makes a decision.
From a Bygone Age – an old couple find themselves protesting against the rise of the same horrors they experienced in their youth.
New Horizons – after the death of her husband, a woman puts herself ahead of his children.
Saved by the Bookshop – a young librarian finds more than books in a bookshop.

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