The Bistro by Watersmeet Bridge is my third full-length novel, and is set in a bistro by the seaside in Devon.


Here are some early reviews:

‘You could not help but fall in love with this story. You will feel you are actually there.’ NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars.

‘The author drew me into the story from the first word and once she had my attention, she didn’t let it go until I had finished the last word on the last page. The author has created some really loveable and believable characters that you will be drawn to and you will only want the best for them.’ Ginger Book Geek, 5 stars.

‘Pure escapism! That’s how I would describe this. It’s a perfect combination of boy meets girl and they fall in love, a little bit of drama, talk of delicious food and some complicated family relationships.’ Likeherdingcatsblog, 4 stars.

‘I loved loved loved this book, it had all the elements i enjoy. A budding romance, beautiful food in a restaurant setting with great description that had me craving it, a fantastic community feel and characters that you really wanted to support, and some you wanted to push into the water. A real sense of escapism that took me away from day to day life for a little while.’ Afternoon Bookery blog, 5 stars.

‘With a good range of characters, an interesting plot, talented writing, along with several twists along the way it all adds up to a very entertaining story, and one I enjoyed immensely.’ Grace J Reviewerlady, 5 stars.


When Olivia goes to manage Finn’s failing bistro, will they end up sharing a table for two, or will it be a recipe for disaster?

Olivia Fuller longs to manage one of the restaurants in her father’s chain and to break free to live the independent life she’s wanted for so long. When her father finally puts his trust in her and sends her to a failing restaurant in Devon, she’s confident she can prove herself capable of doing the job.

Finn Anderson is about to lose his beloved seaside bistro, unless the bank can find a buyer to dig him out. When George Fuller offers Finn a deal, he has no choice but to accept if he wants any chance of getting his bistro back one day. And then the new manager arrives…

Even after meeting the prickly chef and discovering his complete lack of business skills,

Olivia is confident she can turn the struggling business round. But as Olivia and Finn start working together, a mutual attraction develops between them, and soon, nothing is going according to Olivia’s plan.

When there’s a real chance that the bistro might be sold off, Olivia and Finn determine to fight for it, united by their hard work and their growing feelings for each other.

But can they save the bistro and be together, or does destiny have a different path in mind?

A feel-good contemporary romance set in a bistro beside the sea in Devon.

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