My latest contemporary romance was published in June 2018. This is book 3 in the From Here to You series, and tells Jenna’s Story after the end of From Here to Nashville. It’s available at the following link: Amazon.

Here are some early reviews:

‘I loved everything about this book, from the gorgeous seaside setting to the details of Jenna’s floristry business. It’s well-written and gorgeously romantic and works well on its own, but anyone familiar with Julie Stock’s other books will find particular satisfaction in meeting some familiar faces again. A lovely, uplifting read.’ KSS

‘Such a lively ending to the trilogy. Again you are transported from England to Paris (beautiful city) to Nashville. The stories are so well intertwined from the start, Nashville was such an amazing journey and now it has all come together. It was a fantastic read joining all the characters back together without being too mushy. I would definitely recommend the trilogy.’ Ana

Finding You (Jenna’s Story) – Book 3 in the From Here to You series

Can love blossom despite all the obstacles in its way?

Jenna Andrews’ delight at welcoming her boyfriend, Will back from his business trip to Nashville is short-lived when he tells her that he now has to leave for Paris for the next few months. What with running her busy flower shop and developing wedding business, everything is conspiring to stop them being together.

Will Thompson loves his job but hates the way it keeps taking him away from his girlfriend, Jenna. When he gets called back to Nashville again because of a family bereavement, he starts to think he and Jenna will never get to spend any time together.

As the survival of their relationship becomes more at stake, Jenna and Will finally realise they need to put it before everything else in their lives if they want to be together forever.

Are Jenna and Will determined enough to finally get their own happy ever after?

This is a novella of around 35,000 words and can be read on its own but if you want to know how Jenna got to this point, it’s worth reading From Here to Nashville.

If you’d like to read a preview before you buy, you can do so here.