It was published in September 2018 and you can buy it on Amazon.

Here are some early reviews:

‘Great idea to have all the series in one place. I read the first book some time ago and have waited for the most recent. I’ve enjoyed them all. They are each well written with rounded characters and a good sense of place. A real #feelgood series.’ Ros

‘I thoroughly enjoyed From Here to Nashville and to have the complete series is fantastic. I found the descriptions of places, people and storylines absorbing. I couldn’t put the books down and would recommend the books.’ Ana

Finding You
Jenna is so busy running her busy flower shop and developing wedding business that there’s hardly any time to left to spend with her boyfriend, Will. So when he tells her that he’s off to Paris for the next few months for business, it’s the wake up call they both need to start putting their relationship first. Then Will gets called back to Nashville.Are Jenna and Will determined enough to finally get their own happily ever after?